‘Tis the Season to Update Your SEO Strategy


Big box and discount brick and mortar stores have dominated the holiday shopping sector for years, but this year the retailers fell to second place. For the first time in Deloitte Annual Holiday Survey’s history, consumers will be doing the bulk of their holiday shopping online.

Nearly 80 percent of shoppers surveyed said the reason for abandoning in store shopping has a lot to convenience and pricing. Many of the respondents believe that online stores offer better pricing than physical stores. But, online retailers need to be wary of impatient shoppers who want to find what they are looking for or they will bounce to another site.

Online retailers can take advantage of this knowledge by ensuring their holiday SEO efforts are up to date. Utilizing keywords and landing pages could mean the difference between retail highs or holiday woes. Consumer showrooming has taken off and while consumers will still visit stores they will be price comparing and reviewing product ratings for the best deal from their smartphones, iPads, tablets, and desktops.

Landing pages play an important role to your websites’ success during the busy holiday season. Checking your analytic software (Google Analytics and Yahoo Web Analytics) will give you insight on key phrases that can drive traffic to your site. Make sure your website has relevant content. Don’t just use a key phrase for the sake of using it. Clear content that establishes why a consumer is on the page in the first page is essential.

So, what does this mean for your brand’s SEO strategy?

Last year’s consumers weren’t simply searching brand names and stores, but were searching for promotions and deals through holiday terms. Instead of using queries such as cool gifts for kids, or top gifts for 2013, they are using terms like these:

  • “Halloween costumes for toddlers”
  • “Thanksgiving gift baskets”
  • “New Year’s party hats”
  • “Cyber Monday sales”
  • “Black Friday deals”
  • “Free shipping on Christmas gifts”

The goal of a website is to ultimately garner an audience and in most cases offer products and or services. While pretty pictures may look nice it is the content that keeps a potential consumer interested. By incorporating this small tip into online marketing strategies businesses may discover higher traffic, sales and maybe a little smile from the search engine gods.


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