Introduction to MSN’s Webmaster Central

The MSN search engine team — like it’s counterpart at Google and Yahoo — has developed a set of tools for site owner’s to use to improve how they are indexed into the MSN search engine. And, like Google and Yahoo, access to these tools requires registration at Windows Live and site authentication.

Note: I recommend you read my article on the Yahoo Site Explorer before reading this one. There is some detail there I did not repeat here.

MSN’s offering is called Webmaster Central. Access requires registration with Windows Live. Click here to be taken to the Windows Live registration form.

Once registered go to the Webmaster Center start page to log into the SEO tools.

STOP! If you don’t understand a word of the preceeding paragraph you probably won’t be able to use the MSN Webmaster Central tools. We here are GreatCircle Studios can help you with this and other SEO services if you wish. Call us at 877-247-0452. Otherwise, continue reading!

Once logged in, click on the “Add a site” button button to add your website. 

As with the other similar search engine tools your first step, before you can do anything else, is to authenticate your website. You are  given two choices for authentication: by XML file or by META tag.

If you’ve gotten this far in this article you should be able to work out how to execute the authentication from the instructions given on that page.  As I said earlier, if you need help with this give us a call at  877-247-0452.


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