How To Turn Your Android into an iPhone


Although there are many similarities in the functionality and capability of an iPhone and Android, people can’t seem to get away from the clean interface and user-friendliness of the iPhone. Well if you currently own an android phone here are six easy steps to convert your Android into the record-selling iPhone. Breaking records of 9 million in weekend sales are newest models of the iPhone 5, proving its growing market share and triumph over any other provider or device.

Espier Launcher – currently one of the most popular downloaded apps in the Android market, it allows the interface to look and feel like an iPhone.
Hi Launcher iOS 7 Theme – This will give your Android the exact interface of the iOS 7 themes. You first have to download Hi Launcher first, and download the theme separately.
jbOS7 – This application makes your home screen and lock screen resemble the iOS 7. The app contains to innovative new apple-like interfaces including the weather appearance and calendar app. This app requires that you download Nova Launcher first.
Fake iPhone 5 – Content with the simple interface of the iPhone 5? Simply download Fake iPhone 5 which resembles the iPhone 5 and 4S.
iOS 7 Lockscreen Parallax HD – iOS 7 Lockscreen Parallax HD provides a nearly flawless imitation of iOS 7’s gorgeous parallax lock screen, complete with Control Center toolbar.

iOS 7 Live Wallpaper – If the live wallpaper means a lot to you, this is an easy fix. The iOS 7 Live Wallpaper application offers a wide variety of dynamic lock screens and home screens.

All of these applications are free on the Android market, another attribute that has kept the Android alive and thriving against the competitive iPhone market. Some critics of Apple’s widespread popularity say that there are no major differences between the iPhone 5 and later models. The new iPhone 5 models are even said to look exactly like the iPhone 5 – until you use it.

You might be wondering why Android has created these apps and put them on the market to behave and look like an iPhone. Android developers wanted to show their versatility in showing the public that simple interfaces are easy to create and download to transform your device. Many reasons why someone might purchase an iPhone 5 can be replicated on the Android devices. Despite these helpful downloads, Apple still continues to boast record-breaking sales numbers for all of their new product releases. For the foreseeable future, the iPhone seems to have truly captured and created loyalty with their key consumer base.

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