How to Stand Out in the Crowd With Content Creation


Businesses across the globe believe that what they are selling doesn’t have flair. They couldn’t be more wrong. Creativity can be found in anything from something as mundane as a faucet to something as scientific as RFID tags. Good content creation can make simple things interesting as well as exciting for your audience to read.
Humor and snarkiness have taken over the way advertisers and marketers promote products and services. Who knew that auto insurance and grocery shopping could be so humorous? In many cases, they aren’t but it is creative minds that reveal human truths and make them relatable.

One website that has made it their mission to engage their audience with tongue in cheek content is Woot! The website offers deals on various retail items by telling a story. The writers see something in each item and develop stories to complement them.

Telling stories is a cool way to keep your audience reading. Just because a business is selling something simple or complex doesn’t mean it has to be stiff. For instance, if you are a cloud-based network provider discover ways to enhance the language that you use and even create words that don’t already exist. This will not only keep consumers on your site but can do wonders for your SEO.

Your website shouldn’t feel like a brochure simply supplying information, for the sake of providing information. Chances are hundreds upon hundreds of sites are saying the same thing you are. Adding an ounce of pizzazz and a pinch of quirkiness can enhance a brand’s recipe for success.

Throw away the idea that consumers won’t take you seriously. They will, and will likely commend you one your word smithiness (see how fun that was?). Being a creative website doesn’t mean you have to hire writers from SNL or late night shows only encourage your writers to step out of the comfort zone of technical writing or corporate jargon and embrace a free style form of writing that still brings the message home.

Brands like Kleenex and Google have taken their names and made them synonymous with their category. Who had ever heard of these words before they were created, and now they are household names. Facial tissue isn’t just facial tissue it is Kleenex not matter the brand. Google is hands down the leader and definition of search. Taking these things into consideration, businesses can try to make their names synonymous with their category or industry and create concepts that will resonate with consumers.

It doesn’t matter if you are a B2B company; creative copy should be a part of your content. While everyone is sounding the same you have the opportunity to stand out. Who said you can’t reach your target audience and still have fun? Um…No one—like ever.

Utilizing analogies, metaphors, and similes can beautify and in some cases simplify your content and aren’t useless concepts that were taught in grade school. Controlling your content doesn’t have to be a structured task. Encourage your writers to express themselves with colorful words and storytelling.

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