How To Clean Up A Malware Attack On Your Site

Clean Malware From Website

If your Web site has been flagged as having malware, it can be removed from Google’s index. This, of course, means traffic will no longer be driven to your site.  The first step to removing the malware is to find it. Many programs will scan your site and inform you of any malicious behavior or suspicious programs that might be considered malware.

Cleaning up your site entails that you remove the suspicious software and then scan to ensure the changes are sufficient. If you have been infected, you can request a malware review.  Once you have fixed the malware problems, you should seek a review from Google. Follow these simple guidelines:

  • Log into your Google Webmaster Tools action. Select the site you want to review on the Webmaster Tools home page
  • Click on Diagnostics and then Malware
  • Choose Request a review

Google will scan your site for any malware and if none is found any warnings that were on your site will be lifted. It may take up to 48 hours or longer to have the warnings lifted, so don’t get too impatient. Under the same Diagnostics tab in the Webmaster Tools tab, you can check the status of your request.

If you have not seen the warnings removed from your site after a few days, then it probably means that you still have problematic pages or content on your site. Under Diagnostics and in Webmaster Tools you will see a list of URLs for the pages that have been considered to be problematic. This is not a full list, just a partial one but will help you get started on cleaning up your site.

Other Warnings and Flags

Your site can be flagged for reasons other than malware, and in these circumstances, a review is not necessary. If you have been flagged for violating the Webmaster guidelines, you will have to file a reconsideration request with Google.

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