How People See Your Website


Here’s a burning question every business should be asking themselves: What does your website say about your brand? If you are unsure of the answer or don’t like the answer to the question, you may be interested in this infographic. If none of these apply, you may still be interested in this infographic, because, well, knowledge is power, people.

Did you know that 3 in 4 people know whether they will shop, bookmark or engage with a brand just by looking at their website?  This little tidbit of information can be the difference between increased conversions and or steady bounce rates.

With over a half a billion websites and over 2 billion users, it can become very easy for websites to become lost in the clutter and noise that permeated the internet. You can give your website a fighting chance by understanding the way consumers view websites.

Humans are visual creatures and are most intrigued and engaged by visuals that capture their attention and tell a story. The story of your brand can be as small as a button and as large as the color choices you make.  This infographic covers everything from image sizes and scrolling to responsive design. ENJOY!

Infographic courtesy of Crucial.

Infographic Website Visuals

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