Great Circle Studios Has Moved To Tampa

Hello wonderful Great Circle Studios supporters! My name is Jenn McRae, and I am one of the team members who represents Great Circle Studios. We have been headquartered in Clearwater, FL for a number of years, but our offices recently moved to Tampa, FL!

Now that we are in a new location, we felt it would be appropriate to invite you to our new offices for a one-on-one meeting and a tour. We could not be more excited about our shared workspace in the Synergy Internet Business Center. The location houses a number of other innovative digital and traditional media businesses.

As a work family, we are extraordinarily thankful for our new office space in Tampa. We have already witnessed an upswing in positivity, vitality, productivity and good vibes. Any time you are in the area, make sure to give us a call and we will be sure to show you around!

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