Cool and Creative Ways to Say It’s Broken

404 Error

The web has become a bastion of cool and innovative designs and ideas to say almost anything. This is especially true for 404 Error messages or when pages are broken or no longer running. In a recent article by Fast Company, the author showcased some pretty cool broken messages.

Like many of us you have probably stumbled upon 404 errors that head very little pizzaz or simply had the standard like the one shown below:



Well, needless to say, this is a very dry 404 error message. With such a vast internet, there are has to be more than one way to say that something is broken. So, after admiring the list of 404 errors provided by Fast Company we decided to come up with a list of our own to showcase some of our favorite 404 errors. So without further ado here is a run down our absolute favorite 404 error pages.


Cool 404 Error Pages Mashable


Mashable is known for its cool and interesting news and industry stories. They hit this 404 error page out the park.


Creative 404 Error Pages Lego

This kid (and the kid in all of us) friendly site take on the stresses of 404 errors with a quirky angle that is sure to make users of any age laugh.

CSS- Tricks

Creative 404 Error Page CSS-Tricks

CSS- Tricks provides web design veterans and newbies with the latest tips and tricks without boring them to death. They use humor and enthusiasm to teach coding and their 404 page shows their cheekiness to no bounds. Our in-house web design team was clamoring to have this little gem added to the list.


MailChimp 404 Page


MailChimp is one of the leading email marketing providers. Our team uses the platform for our email marketing endeavors. MailChimp decided to stick with its roots and use a monkey in a jungle to convey to their audience that they stumbled into the unknown.

Hot Dot

Hot Dot 404 Page

But, it’s Hot Dot that takes the cake with a cool interactive 404 page that can be a major time suck if you are easily distracted. The page allows for you to move your cursor and take the have a field day. You can break the text and change your perspective. How cool is this!

These examples show that brands can add character to their 404 pages using humor, stunning graphics, and personal touches.


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