Content Marketing Optimization – The Things You Need To Know

It used to be that SEO (search engine optimization) was all that web search marketing experts would talk about, SEO, SEO, SEO… But now there’s a new acronym in town – CMO, or content marketing optimization.

Up until a year or so ago SEO ruled the roost when it came to online marketing. Keywords were shoehorned into every sentence and every title, and additional keywords were hidden in invisible text and dead end backlinks. However, Google got wise to these ‘black hat’ practices and unleashed Panda and Penguin to clean up the internet. A Panda and a Penguin might not sound too scary, but when these two powerful algorithms started demoting or removing nefarious keyword stuffed websites from its online rankings, Panda and Penguin took on the faces of demons to website creators and optimizers.

Keyword and search engine optimization still plays an important role in any web marketing program, but the ways in which they’re used has changed dramatically since Google’s updates to Panda and Penguin. Instead content optimization – CMO – is assuming the mantle of king when it comes to online marketing strategies.

The goal of CMO is “To create memorable web experiences that pull prospects in, not push them away via aggressive advertising tactics,” according to an interesting article at, “Content marketing gives companies the chance to create their own compelling stories without third-party ads, and the practice works.”

Just how important is CMO becoming in 2013? Well when 4,500 brand marketing specialists were canvassed in a BrightEdge survey, 66% said they would be placing more emphasis on content optimization this year, as outlined by The feature concludes that “the data shows that collaboration between SEO experts and content authors continues to increase in importance.”

These findings are backed up by a similar survey by whose results show that “Content creation has become an active component to promotional strategies everywhere. In fact, approximately 74 percent of marketers say they use branded content to increase website traffic and build brand awareness” in a report by

The internet continues to swell with new digital content on a minute-by-minute basis. With the likes of Google’s search engines now looking for new and interesting material amidst this huge influx of material, quality content has become he new currency. High-quality content will not only attract visitors to a particular website, but it will strengthen your brand and stand out from the (massive) crowd in the eyes of Panda and Penguin, thus elevating a website’s rankings.

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