Common Web Hosting Myths and Misconceptions


Web hosting has become one of the fastest growing services in the digital world. Now, more than ever, businesses are looking to connect with their customers digitally, and having a website is a sure fire way to gain and retain customers once a brick and mortar store has closed for the day. But like any evolving service, there are a slew of myths and misconceptions about what is actually offered and the level of  personal maintenance involved.

Free Hosting is Just and Good as Paid

What, if anything, in this world is truly free? The cost may be free but the amount of labor that is put into solving a problem alone will more than make up for the perceived notion of “free”.

In opting to go with paid hosting, website owners have the added benefit of knowing that most of the costs associated with paying for their site’s hosting will cover tech support if problems arise. Another unforeseen factor is very limited space. Free hosting services are usually maintained on a shared server and run the risk of crashing due to one party using more bandwidth over the other. Choosing a paid hosting service reduces unforeseen issues such as bandwidth and tech support.

Expensive Web Hosting Is More Efficient

While we don’t recommend choosing a free provider, we aren’t suggesting you spend boat loads of money on hosting that is going to essentially provide you the same service.

Expensive hosting is often a ploy set up by dishonest providers who are looking to make extra money off of your naivety. Don’t fall into their traps. Review the services and packages to decide whether they meet the price stamp attached to them.

Wouldn’t you rather spend those coins on more useful endeavors such as creative collateral pieces and web marketing? Let your web host worry about what is going on in the back end for a reasonable price.

Unlimited Space

This myth is kind of like the one started by mobile service carriers boasting about unlimited data. When the ink dries and consumers take a long look at their contract, they soon realize that unlimited isn’t truly what they thought it was.

There are space limits.

Very large websites may require extensive bandwidth, but they will never receive truly unlimited space because that would be next to impossible and extremely expensive—regardless of what the latest hosting service provider says.

Website owners should plan and analyze the amount of space their website takes up and budget accordingly.

Negative Comments Are a Red Flag

Negative comments are everywhere and this statement is especially true for larger web hosting sites. While comments can be a good indication of a web hosting service’s track record, seeing their response can help you better understand their customer relations and problem solving. Don’t disregard a web hosting site based solely on negative comment.

When reviewing comments and reviews consider the information the complainant is making, are they frivolous? Does the service provider respond promptly and respectfully to the reviewer or commenter? Was the issue resolved? These are the true indicators of whether a company is working for their consumers or against them.

Ask the Right Questions

When choosing a web hosting provider be sure to research their track record and their various plans and packages. It doesn’t hurt to weigh your options to find the provider and packaging plan that is right for your company’s budget. Below is a list of things that your company should consider when hiring a web hosting service:

What are their packages and services?

What technology do they support?

Are there additional costs for additional services?

Does your service require PCI Compliance? If not why?

Do they offer live chat or IM?

Do they offer phone support?

What about email support?

Are you able to contact them 24 x 7 x 365?

What’s the response time?

Is there a ticketing system?

Where can you find business-related questions?

Remember your web hosting provider should be there to assist you, not to hinder your web marketing efforts.  If you have any questions about web hosting or are interested in web hosting, contact us here.

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