Branding With Social Media Wins

Corona, the adult beverage company and manufacturer of popular Mexican beer, has taken their viral marketing to a whole new level with this summer’s Corona Cooler commercials. After consumers watch the appearance or product placement technique, they are encouraged to share the video to win a Corona cooler for summer fun in the sun. Not only is this product placement at its best, but also this new advertisement highlights what could be the next big thing in online marketing.

Sweepstakes and contests have been on the scene of online advertising and brand marketing since it began. Companies boasting a significant winning or sweepstakes are the most popular form of “branding contests.” But with the rising popularity of social media, marketers are beginning to realize that the prize doesn’t need to be that big. Consumers and social media participants will engage in brand marketing for less of a pay-off than they once needed. Companies no longer need to offer a $100,000 grand prize to drive traffic to social media extremities. Instead, they are letting their message do the talking and all the work.

Corona and other popular brand names have discovered that a funny, witty or catchy advertisement can initiate the conversation among target audiences. Now, if a commercial is viral enough, it can be shared on social media networking sites without much thought about spreading brand awareness or increasing sales of Corona’s new summer cooler product. But that’s exactly what the result is, and it isn’t costing the brand any money.

What can any company take away from Corona’s marketing tactics? The popularity of small wins. Fans of Corona are encouraged to share the video with their friends on Facebook for a chance to win a free cooler. Gone are the days of a hefty investment up front. With so many people already online anyway, it has become easier for marketers to drive traffic to and from their website because of how easy it has become to share information.

Other brand names are catching on to this trend. For example, Nike is advertising a chance to win a pair of new sneakers, hardly an expensive adverting investment. This is also being done with service-oriented business models. Spas are now offering a one-hour massage or day package for “sharing” or “liking” the brand’s Facebook page or specific post, picture or product. Every company can take this tactic to the bank and watch a small investment grow big numbers in following, sharing and other viral activity.

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