7 Proven Productivity Hacks For the Holidays

Holiday Productivity Hacks

The holiday season can be a fun and festive time of year. Between the time enjoyed (or not enjoyed) with friends and family, flights and good eats you will undoubtedly have a full plate this holiday season. If you are one of many Americans whose offices will be closed during the holiday, you may be tempted to abandon all forms of work from now until the next year. Succumbing to those temptations may be rewarding at first, but they can ultimately leave you scrambling in January.

On the other hand, if you are an entrepreneur or freelancer, your work may be taking over and limiting the time you can take off to enjoy the holidays. This can also affect the way you work and cause just as much harm as an excessively relaxing vacation. Both of these extremes can lead to missed deadlines, end-of-the-year slumps, a lack of creativity, and panic as the new year rolls in.

It is important to strike a balance between work and play. If you can manage to stay productive, you may find it much easier to transition into the new year with guns blazing. We have compiled a list of proven productivity hacks that can help you to divide both work and play this holiday season.

Maintain Your Morning Routines

As the holidays roll around, it can become increasingly easier for you to want to sleep in and catch extra zz’s. While 30-45 mins of extra sleep wouldn’t hurt, anything more than that can cause you to be lazy and unadjusted as the new year approaches. A morning schedule can be your best ally in all of this. Don’t forget to also go to sleep at a reasonable time. Sleep is an important factor when the rush of the holiday sweeps us up.

Balance Email Use

This is where balance is key.The emails will continue to flow, whether you respond to them in the moment of a few hours later. Respond to emails at a time that works best for you, if mornings are best, then carve out some time to respond to the most pressing emails. Remember, that not every email deserves a prompt response. Most reasonable individuals understand that the holidays can be monstrous and are willing to wait on an email. Don’t allow your emails to devour a lot of your time, you want to work smarter not harder.


If you have time between the turkey, ham, football games and family stories, take the time to read a book. There are tons of marketing, web design, and SEO books for you to download to your devices or pull off the shelf to thumb through on your down time. These books can inspire, motivate and give you new ideas.


You don’t have to wait until Spring to organize your emails, documents, and files. It doesn’t matter whether you are at home or in your office, you can bring order to the chaos. The slow-pace of the holiday vacation can give you ample time to organize your work related details.A clean space can bring you clear mind and may even motivate you to start your year in power mode.


It doesn’t matter if you are the most active person or live a sedentary lifestyle, take 30 mins, an hour, or few to get moving. Those holiday treats and increased stressed can put your body out-of-whack. A small exercise routine will keep you energized as well as alert, so that when you get back into the swing of things it will be a simple.

Plan for the New Year

What are your goals and objectives for the new year? Instead of waiting until the new year’s meeting, take the time out to identify your objectives and goals for the new year. Write them down, think about them, heck, even start to roll some of them out. This also means setting expectations and schedules before the holidays kick off. This can help everyone to stay on the same page even if they are miles apart.

Okay, we get it people in general suck at planning. But, the time that you have may make it much easier.

Spend Time With Family

Productivity can also be measured in the time you spend enjoying your loved ones. Take time out to revel in their company. Who knows, they may bring about some inspiration for new products or services or help refocus your attention so that you are ready and rearing to go when you get back to work.

Final Thoughts

Productivity can be hard to maintain when it’s just a regular work week, we understand that it can be even more so when family, travel, food, and gift shopping are involved. Finally, keep in mind what the holidays are all about. They aren’t always about Q4 reports, spending copious amounts of  cash, or rushing to meet second, third round deadlines. They mean something different to everyone, but family and friends can be a universal connector.

From our tiny family to yours we hope you have a safe and productive holiday.


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