4 Ways To Avoid Scheming Agencies


Let’s face it, business, in general, has a fair share of sharks. This remains true when navigating the waters of the web world. If you aren’t careful, you can end up with a plethora of complicated, expensive, unnecessary features on your site that are designed to drain you of your money without even considering catering to your consumer or audience.

In our line of work, we’ve gotten clients that have had websites, SEO, or other work done and it’s in complete shambles. So they come to us to fix it.

Now, part of the responsibility falls on the vendors who have a duty to be honest and respectable to potential clients. However, a good chunk of responsibility also falls on business owners and managers to be prepared and educated on the services they are requesting and paying for.

A few tips to avoid some scheming agencies:

1) Be educated: There are a plethora of free tools and resources available in today’s Internet-based world. Just a few minutes of research on some most basic elements can greatly reduce your chances of being taken advantage of.

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Also, our very own SEO Glossary of Terms is a great way to catch up on the basic terms of usage in the web marketing world.

2) Ask the right questions: This goes hand in hand with being educated. Be mindful not to fall into the trap of alluring words. It may sound good, but make sure what they’re telling you can actually be completed, measured, and beneficial to your business.

3) Be mindful of the scope of your business: The good thing about the Internet is that everyone can use it. However, the wise know that just because you can use it, doesn’t mean you should. That’s age old wisdom for anything, right? For certain kinds of businesses, you don’t need to use everything the web has to offer. Good web marketing agencies will tell you this; others will just try to up-sell you on whatever they can. If you’re being offered a service, make sure it comes with a well-thought strategy and plan. If it doesn’t – request one. Make sure your agency has your company’s best interest in mind.

4) Stay on top of them: You may have a tendency to hire a web marketing company and then leave them to their devices. After all, they know more about it than you do, no? While this may be best in some cases, if you suspect that you’re getting the short end of the stick, then stay on top of them. HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE. Now, you should keep in mind that SEO and marketing work is not instantaneous, and results may not be as tangible as other forms of marketing, but your company should be able to account for time and money dedicated to you. Like I said: be patient but don’t be fooled.


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