4 Surefire Ways to Grow Your Email List

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Despite modern communication methods such as social media and text messaging, there is still a place for email marketing. Whether your email list has only 100 recipients or is 10,000 recipients strong, email growth should still be a part of your email marketing strategy.

The average email list decreases by 25 percent each year. In growing an email list, your business is ensuring that there is a steady stream of consumers seeing your brand and interacting with it. Good business owners and marketers understand the importance of email marketing to foster consumer engagement. Additionally, they recognize that the growth process is never-ending. Here are three tips to maintain an ever-growing email list:

Add an email form to your website

This is one of the first places you should place an email call-to-action, but also keep it super simple. Your email field should only ask for two important things: their first name and their email. If you are a B2B company, you may want to ask for their company name. Keeping it simple can lead to more email signups. Visitors often become dissuaded when they are asked to fill out too much about themselves. You’ll have plenty of time to get more information down the road.

Add email fields to everything

The easiest way to grow your email list is to add the email fields to everything. Take the time to consider all of the touch points that will allow for email inquiries. For example, if you are an eCommerce site, add the email field to the purchase form. The same applies to webinars and event registrations. Just be sure to inform them that they will be receiving emails from you.

Offer incentives

Who doesn’t like incentives? An incentive doesn’t have to be costly. It can be as mundane as a 10 percent discount or a free consultation, to something more enticing like being entered into a sweepstakes. This also includes email fields for white papers, e-books and any other downloadable resources available on your website or landing pages.

Make your email shareable

We are in the age of share and share alike. If an email recipient likes what your email has to offer, they may want to share it with others. They can’t do that if you don’t give them the option to do so. Needless to say, email sharing helps your brand reach people it otherwise wouldn’t have.

Growing your email list doesn’t have to be a time-consuming task. Simply making a few adjustments can get you to an email growing sweet spot.

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