Mayhem Monday: 10 Accurate Thoughts You Have on Monday


The office is definitely NOT going up on a Monday. 

It’s Monday again. Time to punch the clock and get those mind gears working. We know the struggle of leaving the weekend behind and getting back into the workplace. This #MayhemMonday, we thought we’d capture said struggle with our favs – gifs! 10 accurate thoughts you probably, definitely, most likely have on a Monday.

1) It’s Monday. Time to get up and start a new week!

Ha. Nope.


2) Your morning commute seems more annoying than usual



3) When you get approached before your morning coffee


It’s too early. Far, far too early. 

4) Your co-workers keep asking questions during the staff meeting


5) When the boss mentions that ‘important’ email


6) When your co-workers want to recap the weekend festivities near your cubicle

bring the party downplease and thank you

7) But then they can’t find your marketing presentation in their inbox


8) 3 o’clock hits and you think


9) But then 5 o’clock hits and it’s time to get off


10) But you made it through Monday…you can probably make it through the rest of the week too


BONUS: Only 4 more days til pay day!


Did we nail it? Tell us what you think in the comments below.



The good thing about Monday is that it’s only once every week! We do our best to help you with the mayhem that ensues in the online web marketing world, be it on a Monday or any other day of the week. If you’re looking for a partner to help you with your web design or web marketing needs, we might be the right fit. See if we can help you manage your web mayhem.






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